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Owning a pet is a special thing and brings wonderful rewards (and a few 'hairy' moments too at times)
The thing I'd like to point out first is, ..children get bored very quickly with everything, including the very fluffy cute pet that they pestered you for, for months on end, so, never ever get a pet for your child unless you are prepared to look after it fully on your own? because trust me, that's just what will happen a bit further down the line!
So to start with, when you've decided you really would like a small pet, you need to get the accommodation right, there are RSPCA guidelines for cage sizes you will need, and tons of information from lots of different sources regarding bedding, nesting, and foods to keep your pet healthy and toys and activities to keep them happy.
Please read up before you get your pet, or ask at the rescue centre who will be happy to advise you.
My personal favourite small pets are rabbits, such lovely creatures, and they make great house pets with a little training,
they are very sociable animals and are very clean too, they will happily use a litter tray for their 'business'.
Bunny's can still be housed in a hutch outside (don't forget cage size guidelines..the biggest you can afford is best) but should have access to a secure run for a good part of the day if not 24/7
Good luck with your new pet and please keep checking here for updates
Jules x

I just love my bunnies soooo much

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